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Blacklight UV 705 Specification

CAT #UV-705


The UV-705 portable blacklight is a high intensity discharge lighting device, which produces a wash of near ultraviolet light for effect. Ultraviolet light waves cause white reflective and specially treated surfaces to fluoresce while dark or absorptive surfaces become invisible. The lamp, an ANSI code H37KB-250, contains an integral filter to eliminate any harmful far ultraviolet while maximizing the near ultraviolet effect. Effective distance for the #702 is 10 to 20 feet from the subject. Common usage for the #702 is to project a beam of ultraviolet from the wings or to hang from a light pipe with the optional ā€œCā€ clamp. The #702 is constructed of 18 gauge steel with integral ballast, reflector, line cord, and carry handle. The #702 is provided with an adjustable locking tilt head for focusing.

Finish shall be Epoxy Sandtex black, electrostatic application.

The fixture shall be E.T.L. and c.E.T.L. Listed and labeled for 400-watts.

The luminaire shall be a 400-watt blacklight flood designed to accept the HPA400/30-S lamps. The front lens shall be tempered borosilicate UV-A filter provided with wire safety mesh installed. Luminaire shall be supplied with automatic safety switch disconnects power if access door is opened. Unit not providing this safety feature shall not be accepted.

Relamping shall be accomplished by releasing the threaded fastener and swinging away the hinged lamp access door. Relamping shall also be accomplished without the use of tool and without disturbing the pre-focused lamp alignment.

The luminaire shall be supplied with a separate fan and lamp switch; an eight lever, 6 color self-canceling color boom; a clam shell douser and a regulated power supply for either 120 VAC/10 amps or 240VAC/5 amps as specified. The trouping stand shall be provided with four locking casters, leveling jacks and positive lock pan, tilt and height controls. The power lead shall be a removable three conductor type S cord with GTL connector at the lamphouse and parallel blade u-ground plug for connection to service.

Finish shall be Epoxy Sandtex black, electrostatic application.

The light output of the luminaire shall be a maximum of 8.5 million beam candlepower in spot and 2.5 million beam candlepower in flood with a lamp operated at rated lumens.

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